Free the imagination and advance humankind.

We believe the future for humankind depends on those that dream. And on those that are brave enough to embrace bold new ideas and bring them to life.

Creativity is becoming increasingly important, yet modern life can inhibit our imaginations. The daily stream of information can distance us from our naturally curious and creative mindsets. Without reminders, it’s easy to slip into worry or to sleepwalk. We can forget our desire to open up and explore something new.

Guineapig exists to create simple, everyday products that free your imagination and perhaps even raise our collective consciousness.

Dream of a future where your teapot leaves you feeling euphoric.

Over the past few months, we have been developing a new product concept. As you may have guessed, this product is a teapot.

The teapot is a humble, universally known object. It has played a role in daily life for centuries and the ritual of drinking tea feels like the perfect vehicle for creative insights to arise.

We invite you to free your imagination by becoming a guineapig.

We are recruiting ‘guineapigs’; a small number of people who will be the first testers and co-creators of our mind-expanding teapot.

As a guineapig, you will receive a fortnightly email from us with a project update and a request for your feedback. We’ll endeavour to keep the questions short, straightforward and fun. The insights you provide will help shape the next step in the development of the product.

We will also be hosting a series of experimental events that you’ll be invited to attend. We will make product samples and prototypes available for you to test and review.

This process will culminate with the official launch of the teapot later this year.

Sign up below to become a guineapig.

Keivor John is the inventor behind Guineapig.

Designer and entrepreneur, Keivor John has spent the past ten years inventing and making a range of interactive products. He is also co-founder of Harvey & John and  Thought Bubbles.

Keivor loves to challenge assumptions and break the rules to see if something different and slightly more extraordinary will come to life.

He has always been curious about the ingredients of creativity and is eager to better understand how the built environment could enhance the mindsets we inhabit.

For these reasons, he has been researching if and how our everyday products and environments could inspire creativity, free our imaginations and perhaps even raise our collective consciousness.

So, can a teapot expand your creativity? Sign up below and find out…