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We bring spaces to life with interactive inventions.

What is an interactive invention? We like to think it’s the perfect blend of technology and personality. In other words, a unique and quirky product that brings people together in playful ways.

Each season we take one of our inventions on an adventure.

We call them ‘Inventures’. Here’s a short film from our most recent one. The day started early as we made our way towards Camber Sands in time for sunrise. The morning was captured beautifully by photographer & filmmaker Mary Martin



We loaded the van with our huggable lights & this months beer supply from Crafted Crate and made our way towards Swanage in search of caves. The event was captured beautifully by photographer Mary Martin and filmmaker Thom Undrell.

Make space for meaning.

Spaces to think. Spaces to feel. Spaces to have game-changing ideas. That’s what we create here at Guineapig. Spaces where there’s less pressure on trying to say something smart, and more emphasis on sharing meaningful moments away from the digital noise.

The values we live & breathe.

Everyone goes through a bit of soul searching now and then and we’re no exception. We’ve been trying to find our ‘why’: why do we do what we do? Why should we care? Why do we want to be better? This is what we discovered gets us out of bed in the morning. We live to…

Latest updates from inside the Hutch.

We’ve opened the door of the well-appointed Guineapig hutch to give you a sneak peek into our newest and boldest ideas. Take a look at our inventions, activities and escapades.