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We are an experimental startup providing interactive inventions for hire.

About Us

Launching onto the event scene in 2016, Guineapig offers a range of innovative, playful products to engage and delight your guests. With the perfect blend of technology and personality, Guineapig’s quirky inventions will charm any crowd.

Whether you’re launching a new product, hosting a conference or entertaining a party, Guineapig will create uniquely memorable moments.

The Inventors
H_J Profile

Richard Harvey and Keivor John are the inventors behind Guineapig. Back in 2011 they founded their eponymous design studio Harvey & John. Now a team of inventors, designers, artists and engineers, they work from a buzzing Brighton studio and create pioneering commissions for companies and individuals, or sometimes just for fun.

Harvey & John reinvent everyday objects and experiment with abstract ideas to develop practical innovations that amaze and inspire. Incredibly friendly and always interactive, their personable products are inspired by nature and optimised by new technology.

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