Guineapig is an experimental company creating playful, functional products.

We are a team of inventors, designers, artists & engineers, working from our buzzing ‘Hutch’ in the seaside town of Brighton.

Harvey & John

Richard Harvey and Keivor John are the inventors behind Guineapig.

Back in 2011, they founded their eponymous design studio, Harvey & John. The duo creates pioneering commissions for companies and individuals, or sometimes just for fun.

Harvey & John reinvents everyday objects and experiments with abstract ideas to develop innovations that amaze and inspire. The studio’s work is inspired by nature and optimised by new technology.

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Welcome to The Hutch, our Brighton based studio & workshop. This is where our new ideas are born and tested.

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The Hutch, New England House, Brighton, BN1 4GH

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+44 (0) 1273 964 019

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We also have a small number of desks available for solopreneurs who want to work in our friendly environment. If you’d like to enquire about desk space please get in touch.

Inspire ideas with play, humility & optimism.

Keivor John


I’m founder of Guineapig and co-founder of Harvey & John. I love to challenge assumptions and break the rules to see if something different and slightly more extraordinary will come to life. I’m also an introvert.

Richard Harvey


I’m co-founder of Harvey & John and passionate about new ideas. I believe functional can be fun and technological can be beautiful. I am also 50% introvert 50% extrovert.

Mary Martin


I aim to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the small details in the big picture and attempt to capture the elusive. I’m a reluctant cynic and a willing introvert. I love to share ideas with strangers, discover untold stories, explore the unknown, and I always keep a tennis ball in my bag.

James Yoxall


I am a grafter, inspired by progress. I am determined, fastidious and honest. A patient procrastinator. I have a professional background in hands-on work, making and fixing. I have a deeply rooted love for the outdoors and fast-growing passion for how we can help preserve it.

Bradley Smail


I never hesitate to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to new ideas and experiencing life. I am a very visual thinker and this plays a big part in my creative thoughts and actions. I love being involved in projects that reach out beyond the Arts community and engages with the general public.

Berni Lenger


I am the external designer of Guineapig. If I recognise something doesn’t make sense believe me I will point it out. I love to be challenged and discuss topics of any kind. Even though I love to read and research I am an extrovert.

Each season we take one of our inventions on an adventure.

We call them ‘inventures’. Here’s a short film from our most recent one.


Ubersphere guided us on our Autumn inventure to St. Aldhelm’s Church in Poole. The church’s nave was a magnificent space to set Ubersphere free to soar up towards the rafters. We’d like to offer huge thanks to those of the local community that came to help us and share an afternoon of quiet contemplation with a giant levitating sphere.

Latest updates from inside the Hutch.

We’ve opened the door of the well-appointed Hutch to give you a sneak peek into our newest and boldest ideas. Take a look at our inventions, activities and escapades.