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Welcome to The Hutch, our Brighton based studio & workshop. This is where our new ideas are born and tested.


We also have a small number of desks available for solopreneurs who want to work in our friendly environment. If you’d like to enquire about desk space please get in touch.

Keivor John


I’m founder of Guineapig and co-founder of Harvey & John. I love to challenge assumptions and break the rules to see if something different and slightly more extraordinary will come to life. I’m also an introvert.

Claire Platt


I love developing new and exciting programmes with creative teams and helping magical moments to happen through art. I’m an extrovert and my Account Management role enables me to connect with lots of people, which is what I love!

James Yoxall


I am a grafter, inspired by progress. I am determined, fastidious and honest. A patient procrastinator. I have a professional background in hands-on work, making and fixing. I have a deeply rooted love for the outdoors and fast-growing passion for how we can help preserve it.

Katie Briggs


I’m an excitable and energetic soul. I’m endlessly fascinated by other people’s ideas, how collaborations can perform magic and how this magic can make real valuable differences in the world.

Richard Harvey


I’m co-founder of Harvey & John and passionate about new ideas. I believe functional can be fun and technological can be beautiful. I am also 50% introvert 50% extrovert.

Berni Lenger


I am the external designer of Guineapig. If I recognise something doesn’t make sense believe me I will point it out. I love to be challenged and discuss topics of any kind. Even though I love to read and research I am an extrovert.

Mary Martin


I aim to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the small details in the big picture and attempt to capture the elusive. I’m a reluctant cynic and a willing introvert. I love to share ideas with strangers, discover untold stories, explore the unknown, and I always keep a tennis ball in my bag.

Bradley Smail


I never hesitate to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to new ideas and experiencing life. I am a very visual thinker and this plays a big part in my creative thoughts and actions. I love being involved in projects that reach out beyond the Arts community and engages with the general public.

A message from our founder.

Hello, I’m Keivor, founder of Guineapig.

It’s been quite an entrepreneurial rollercoaster for me these past few years and I now feel I’m in a place where I have true vision and purpose for the future. And I’d like to share that vision and purpose with you.

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A bit of context

Back in November 2015 I had reached a point with Harvey & John (design studio that creates interactive commissions for hotels & museums) where I felt pretty exhausted by the consistent change in direction from project to project. Don’t get me wrong, we were doing some great work, but we had lost sight of why we began the studio in the first place. It didn’t feel right, and so I started to develop ideas of how to change direction. Coupled with a growing interest by clients to rent our existing inventions for events, and the wish to create something new, I developed Guineapig.

Towards the end of 2016 things were ticking over nicely, and I noticed myself stepping back to allow some time to think more deeply about what it is we’re trying to achieve. I began by investigating the work of Simon Sinek and The Happy Startup School. I was looking for Guineapig’s ‘why’.

Finding Guineapig’s ‘why’

During one particular moment at a recent conference I noticed a couple of quiet souls stood around the Tropism Well during a break. As the neck bowed down to pour them a drink there was a flicker of delight between the two, a connection between two folks who might not ordinarily reach out to strangers in a room. Something clicked for me as I watched this moment, something that has been knocking around in the back of my head for as long as I can remember… where are all the spaces for introverts?

The world is set up for extroverts, people who find it easy to walk into a room and connect with anyone, people who find big open spaces with a multitude of stimuli comfortable places. But what about the introverts? What about the people, like myself, who prefer quieter moments, spaces where thinking and contemplation are celebrated, spaces that allow for self-exploration and moments of deeper connection and discussion? And there right before my eyes, that question that I had been subconsciously carrying around for such a long time, was being answered.

Guineapig is an introvert revolution.

Our huggable lighting, Pluck and Hug, brings businessmen together on a deeper level as they briefly abandon their suit and tie etiquette to squeeze a light that glows. Our Dancing Spheres allow intimate interaction in the midst of vast and energised crowds. And our Tropism Well silently and graciously mesmerises, serving as a catalyst for connection to those it interacts with. Our pieces embody intimacy, quiet and calm and almost permit those they serve to be the same. The slow quiet space our inventions create seem to evoke deeper and more meaningful connection between guests.

The realisation that this is what we’re creating felt like a light bulb had turned on in my head. The world needs the quiet wisdom of us introverts just as much as it needs the extroverts.

An extraordinary adventure

And so our vision for the future is to create social occasions where the pressure is less on what you’ve got to say and more about sharing meaningful moments around imaginative inventions that uplift and delight. I see events that cater to big crowds but provide pockets of quiet and deep connection around creative pieces peppered throughout a venue. I see events created for introverts, set in nature, with permission to dream and think and ask powerful questions about the world. I also see more moments of physical interaction as opposed to the continuous zombification of the technology rabbit hole. I see Guineapig as a provider of spaces to think, spaces to feel and spaces to have game-changing ideas away from too much noise.

I am excited about the future. All of us at Guineapig are. I feel we can proudly say we’ve done our job when extrovert and introvert are equally celebrated, and can come together as the personality ying and yang we need in this world. I see a brighter, more optimistic future where the introvert destination void has been filled. It’s going to be an extraordinary adventure and we’d love you to be part of it.

Join us

This year we will be running a series of experimental events where we share our latest introvert inspired inventions in beautifully natural locations. We’d love you to come along.

Harvey & John

Richard Harvey and Keivor John are the inventors behind Guineapig.

Back in 2011, they founded their eponymous design studio, Harvey & John. Now a team of designers, artists and engineers, they work from a buzzing Brighton studio and create pioneering commissions for companies and individuals, or sometimes just for fun.

Harvey & John reinvent everyday objects and experiment with abstract ideas to develop practical innovations that amaze and inspire. Incredibly friendly and always interactive, their personable products are inspired by nature and optimised by new technology.

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