Dancing Spheres

These music-loving balls feel that sound should be seen as well as heard. Dancing beside a live DJ, they captivate audiences with sound, movement and sorcery.

Moving to any beat, Dancing Spheres weave, snake and bounce in mid-air. Creating instant atmosphere, they draw crowds to the dance floor and ramp-up the wizardry at any live music event.



Watch as these mesmerising orbs defy gravity by dancing a snake like choreography in mid-air in response to the music of the DJ. The end result is an installation that immediately grabs attention and enthrals the audience with sound, movement and play.

How It Works


The spheres float on columns of air that vary in pressure in response to music. This allows the spheres to rise, fall and ‘dance’ dynamically to the music of a live DJ.

Choreographed Sequences


Watch these synchronised spherical groupies weave and ripple. The DJ can choreograph sequences on the fly using our app.

Colour Changing Uplights


Set the mood with ambient lights that glow, fade and react to the music.

Audience Interaction


Connect with your audience and let them join in. These sociable spheres love to interact.

Propellernet Party


We took Dancing Spheres to Propellernet’s end of year party.


Studio Party


A short film created by Thom Undrell of one of our parties in The Hutch.

Dancing Spheres in Berlin & Dublin


A cheesy short film following two events with Dancing Spheres. We were invited to Berlin by Nissan and to Dublin by The Marker Hotel.

Our First Prototype


Dancing Spheres original iteration came from a commission from Coldplay to create an interactive stage set. This short film shows our initial prototype for this project.

Electrical Info Line Voltage 100–240V AC
  Power Supply 2 x UK 3-pin plug
  Max Current 10 amps (per plug)
Size & Weight Height 1050 mm
  Width 1300 mm
  Length 2900 mm
  Weight 250 kg
Sphere Info Diameter 150 mm
  Float Height 100cm – 1000cm
Shipping Dancing Spheres is packed in two flight cases with wheels. Each case has the following dimensions & weight:
  Height 1200 mm
  Width 490 mm
  Length 2050 mm
  Weight 180 kg