Pluck & Hug

Multisensory mood makers, these oversized bulbs love to be hugged. Give them a squeeze and feel them glow.

Pluck a giant bulb from its stem and hold it close until it responds by radiating light back at you. The stronger you squeeze, the greater the glow. Fill a whole room for a feel-good vibe that leaves guests feeling warm and fuzzy.



A light installation sponsored by Veuve Clicquot for Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street. Each giant bulb can be plucked from its pendant and hugged causing it to gently glow.

How It Works


The tighter you hug, the brighter it glows. Once plucked from its magnetic charging stem the glowing bulb will remain charged for several hours.



The more love you give them, the brighter they glow.



Pluck a bulb from its stem and its hug-activated glow will work for several hours.



Each bulb charges wirelessly when attached to its magnetic stem.

Searching for Caves


We loaded the van and headed to Swanage in search of caves.


Three-Month Installation for Andaz Hotel


Pluck & Hug was initially developed as a lighting installation sponsored by Veuve Clicquot for Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street.

Design Thinking


Rich takes some time out during an event at Shoreditch House to explain some of our thoughts behind the Pluck & Hug design.

Electrical Info Line Voltage 100–240V AC
  Power Supply UK 3-pin plug
  Max Current 1 amps (per light)
  Lead Length 5 meters
Size & Weight Diameter 400 mm – 600 mm
  Weight 1 kg
Shipping Info Pluck & Hug is inflated on site so is very compact to ship. 10 lights are packed into a single lightweight flight case with the following dimensions & weight:
  Height 270 mm
  Width 320 mm
  Length 420 mm
  Weight 10 kg