Thought Bubbles

Boundlessly happy, these levitating orbs can lighten any mood, entertain an audience or bob quietly in a corner.

Like energetic puppies, Thought Bubbles are always happy to see you. As eager performers, you can teach a whole team to dance to a choreographed sequence, create ambient lighting with a single hovering globe, or delight passers-by with a trio of cloud-like message bubbles they can scribble on. A real crowd-pleaser, their best trick yet involves levitating at a 45-degree angle.



Thought Bubbles is an interactive installation that invites you to play with giant levitating spheres. Initially coming to life as a playful reinvention of the office whiteboard, the product has since taken on a surprising number of functions. Thought Bubbles can be used as ambient uplighting, levitating signage or as part of an immersive stage performance.

How It Works


Thought Bubbles use the Bernoulli Principle, which states that spheres will float on columns of high-flow, low-pressure air. The movement of each bubble is controlled via an app. There are several functions available from static hovering, to choreographed sequences with multiple Thought Bubbles. The spherical base can even be tilted to a 45° angle whilst still levitating the bubble mid-air.



Inspire a world of ideas with a levitating ‘whitebubble’ that guests love to write on.



Float your sign up to five metres high so it’s always seen. Even above a crowd.



Spark a reaction and get people talking. Display your message on a giant bubble.

Pick a Colour Scheme


Choose any colours, in any combination. Thought Bubbles aren’t fussy, and they always look exquisite.

Choreographed Sequences


Create more movement with synchronised bubbles that bounce and flow. Control each one with our customised app.

Add More Bubbles


Impress an audience with multiple bubbles on one base. Use for performances, installations or Instagram fun!

Tilt to 45°


Amaze spectators with brave bubbles that defy gravity. Place the base out of site for maximum effect.

Learning to Dance


We took the Thought Bubbles over to The Foundry Gallery in Lewes and attempted to teach them to Dance.


Floating Orchestra Prototype


This is how Thought Bubbles began all those years ago… The Idea: 19 spheres come to life, as you become a supernatural conductor. Each ball becomes an orchestral instrument that increases in volume as it physically rises. You can create your own soundscape whilst the balls levitate and dance to the music.

Studio Party


A short film created by Thom Undrell of one of our parties in The Hutch.

Electrical Info Line Voltage 100–240V AC
  Power Supply UK 3-pin plug
  Max Current 3 amps
Size & Weight Height 550 mm
  Diameter 600 mm
  Weight 15 kg
Bubble Info Diameter 400 mm – 2000 mm
  Float Height 1 meter – 5 meters
Shipping Info Each Thought Bubble is packed in a single flight case with wheels with the following dimensions & weight:
  Height 635 mm
  Width 665 mm
  Length 665 mm
  Weight 40 kg