Signage that inspires.

Thought Bubbles are the perfect platform for brand promotion, signage or simply to spark conversation.

We provide Thought Bubbles for hire worldwide. Share details of your project and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Be extraordinary.

With a range of sizes & colours, Thought Bubbles make an innovative alternative to traditional signage & decoration.

Sponsor branding


Nothing stands out more than a giant bubble – the perfect platform to celebrate your sponsors.



The bubble can float up to twenty metres high so your message will always be seen above the crowd.

Simply decoration


The playful and bold appearance provides a visual impact that can be customised to suit your theme.

Facebook’s Holiday Party

Fly high.

Thought Bubbles can soar to heights over 10 metres so will always be seen above the crowds.

Microsoft Ventures Conference

Make your message unmissable.

Thought Bubbles surreal presence will transform any venue. Seemingly defying gravity, visitors can’t help but take notice.

Andrew Martin’s Interior Design Awards

Bring people together.

Thought Bubbles encourage playful interactions and are an unexpected talking point.

Nesta’s FutureFest

Gain insight.

Thought Bubbles can even be written on. Inspire a world of ideas or gain visitor feedback.

Defy gravity.

Amaze spectators with brave bubbles that defy gravity. Place the base out of sight for maximum effect.

Choose from a range of sizes.

200 cm

150 cm

100 cm

Quick & easy to set up.

Each Thought Bubble takes fewer than 15 minutes to install.

How they work.



Thought Bubble exploit the Bernoulli Principle, which states that spheres will float on columns of high flow, low-pressure air.



The rate of airflow can be changed causing the bubble to rise & fall. Each Thought Bubble is controlled intuitively from our app.


A selection of films showing Thought Bubbles in different locations.

Flight of the Ubersphere

Our largest Thought Bubble (affectionately known as Ubersphere) guided us on our Autumn inventure to St. Aldhelm’s Church in Poole. The church’s nave was a magnificent space to set it free to soar up towards the rafters.

Thought Bubbles learn to dance

We set Thought Bubbles up for a day in a disused warehouse and tried to teach them to dance.

Selection of case studies.

Tech specs

Electrical Info Line Voltage 100–240V AC
  Power 500W Max
  Max Current 3 amps
Size & Weight Height 550 mm
  Diameter 600 mm
  Weight 15 kg
Bubble Info Diameter 500 mm – 2000 mm
  Float Height 1 meter – 15 meters
Shipping Info Each Thought Bubble is packed in a single flight case with wheels with the following dimensions & weight:
  Height 635 mm
  Width 665 mm
  Length 665 mm
  Weight 40 kg