Ubersphere fascinates and intrigues. Its prominent yet etherial presence captivates the crowd.

Ubersphere’s surreal presence will transform any venue into a magical experience. It seemingly defies gravity and leaves guests intrigued and inspired.



Ubersphere is an interactive installation that invites you to share a moment of quiet contemplation. Its almost impossible size creates an otherworldly experience, transporting your imagination to another place.

How It Works


Ubersphere uses the Bernoulli Principle, which states that a sphere will float on a column of high-flow, low-pressure air. The movement of the orb is controlled via an app. There are several functions available from static hovering, to choreographed movement. The stainless steel base can even be tilted to a 45° angle whilst still levitating the sphere mid-air.

Flight of the Ubersphere


Ubersphere guided us on our Autumn inventure to St. Aldhelm’s Church in Poole. The church’s nave was a magnificent space to set Ubersphere free to soar up towards the rafters.

Electrical Info Line Voltage 100–240V AC
  Power Supply UK 3-pin plug
  Max Current 3 amps
Size & Weight Height 550 mm
  Diameter 600 mm
  Weight 15 kg
Sphere Info Diameter 2000 mm
  Float height 1 meter – 12 meters
Shipping Info Each Ubersphere is packed in a single flight case with wheels with the following dimensions & weight:
  Height 635 mm
  Width 665 mm
  Length 665 mm
  Weight 40 kg