Free your imagination and advance humankind.

We believe the future for humankind depends on those that dream. And on those brave enough to embrace bold new ideas and bring them to life.

Creativity is becoming increasingly important, yet modern life can inhibit our imaginations. The daily stream of information can distance us from our naturally curious and creative mindsets. Without reminders, it’s easy to slip into worry or to sleepwalk. We can forget our desire to open up and explore something new.

Guineapig exists to free your imagination, expand your creativity and perhaps even raise our collective consciousness.

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Keivor John is the founder, idea seeker and maker behind Guineapig.

Designer and entrepreneur, Keivor John has spent the past ten years reinventing everyday objects and experimenting with abstract ideas. He is also co-founder of Harvey & John and  Thought Bubbles.

Keivor loves to challenge assumptions and break the rules to see if something different and slightly more extraordinary will come to life.

He has always been curious about the ingredients of creativity and is eager to better understand how the built environment could enhance the mindsets we inhabit.

For these reasons, he is exploring whether everyday products could expand our creative potential.

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