In search of caves with Pluck & Hug

Fresh air is good for anyone. We met at the bustling Square and Compass pub in Worth Matravers village near Swanage on what was an unbelievably warm day singing of spring. Leaving the crowds behind us, we went marching down muddy tracks, Pluck and Hugs in arms, looking out over rolling hills toward the most wonderful coastline. Rugged cliff faces and that slow and heavy rhythmic crashing of waves below set us some strong energy for the afternoon.

Following the Giant Thought Bubble’s first inventure outing last month we were eager to continue this rethinking of space. This time we ventured out to Swanage in search of some caves. Those Pluck and Hugs of ours had a right day out. Such a different environment to what they are used to, although it’s no surprise they made themselves very quickly at home in the caves.

We hung the Pluck and Hugs in a low-ceilinged cave, creating a beautiful curve of glowing orbs. We then sat together with good tea and good ale, surrounded by huggable lights and some incredible nature. We truly embraced the alternative social space. Being so remote also brought the nine of us a special connection through disconnection from our beloved mobile data.

And isn’t nature generous in the unique patient energy it offers? As the air dramatically cooled and we were losing our daylight, we found new life and magic, each plucking an orb and hugging it while watching the sun set. We found ourselves with a prolonged sense of peace in this environment and with it an appreciation for a truly beautiful moment amongst the clean blues and ambers of dusk.

Our inventions are so heavily inspired by nature. They’re autonomous and very well behaved, you really could take them just about anywhere. If our outings spark an idea for an alternative event, we would love to chat to you about it.

Captured so so beautifully by photographer Mary Martin and videographer Thom Undrell. Super special thanks also to James, Tom, Nikki and Ellie, who not only shared their time & equipment but gave us each a thrilling climbing experience.

Watch a short film from the day here…