The forgotten 50%

Here at the Guineapig Hutch we’ve been investigating introversion. As we’re starting a revolution, we want to be seriously clued up about it. It turns out a number of our team actually identify as introverts having explored our personality types over at Actually, it turns out 50% of the population identify as introverts. And so, drawing from each other, along with research carried out by Susan Cain, Tazeen Ahmad and Carl Jung we now know the following.

Introversion is not a weakness

You’d be forgiven if you believed introverts are shy, nervous types lacking in confidence. That is the story that has been attached to us for centuries; there is a misconception that introversion is weakness. For some reason society tends to favour outgoing, gregarious natured people. And of course there is certainly much to celebrate about such folk. But, collectively we our doing ourselves a disservice by brandishing quieter, slower, deeper approaches as second rate.

Game changing ideas

Introverts are not shy, nervous or weak (some are, but so are some extroverts). Introverts favour alone time when trying to solve problems or come up with answers to complex questions and are often the source of game changing ideas. This is because introverts tend to be more sensitive to multiple external stimuli, and so find it easier to think when alone and in a quieter space. Introverts prefer having conversations with fewer people about deeper topics; they are not ones for small talk. Extroverts tend to feel energised by other people; introverts are energised by connecting to themselves.

We champion introverts

At Guineapig we champion introverts. We create spaces where introverts have permission to find quiet, inspiring corners to have some radical new thoughts. Our inventions ask deep questions and invite people to look inwards for answers. At a recent Facebook event, which was one for the extroverts, we inhabited a ‘secret’ room where our Tropism Well and furry Pluck and Hugs inspired inquisitive conversations. We provided pockets of sanctuary and connection for guests. Our work prompted questions and answers for the forgotten 50%. Unknowingly, it was the start of our revolution.

Join us

It feels pretty epic to be serving half the population. But we think introverts deserve a bit of attention. We are super excited to be on this journey of exploration and if you’d like to be part of the revolution to empower the quietly passionate ones, then get in touch.