Events industry is failing 50% of us

We’ve been working in the events industry for a number of years. Right now corporate events tend to comprise of wide-open spaces, lots of people, and a multitude of stimulants. These events work really well for extroverts, who love taking in a lot of data and interacting with lots of different people at the same time. However, these spaces do not cater for the forgotten 50%. Introverts need something different.

As an introvert, the only way I can digest the information I receive at an event these days is to physically take myself away from all the ‘noise’. I’ve taken to factoring in time elsewhere in order to process everything and come back to connect from a place of internal alignment. Sometimes, of course, I don’t end up going back. The event loses me, along with many more of my introverted comrades.

A lost opportunity and an untapped resource

Introverts need space to connect with themselves in order to connect with what’s around them. There has to be space for an introvert to tap into something deep and internal in order to inspire a heartfelt response. If there is too much ‘noise’, there’s just no chance the quiet wisdom of an introvert will come through.

As an industry, we need to cater for the introverts. Introverts bring game-changing ideas, introverts bring deep reflection, introverts bring diversity. AND, introverts are brilliant social media marketeers. Create an event that truly caters for the introverts and you’ve got yourself an army of people ready to promote you across the web.

The Guineapig alternative

We see a future where corporate events provide innovative quiet spaces to inspire the introverts and allow them to open up and connect with others. We picture our inventions in those spaces, acting as the ‘extrovert enabler’ in the room; bringing introverts together over pieces inspired by nature. These spaces aren’t ‘chill out zones’ – they are empowering and energetic in a different way. They allow people to tap into a deeper more reflective part of themselves, and to connect with others in meaningful ways.

It’s an exciting vision. It’s a vision of equality where people from the whole introvert/extrovert spectrum are catered for. It’s a revolution.

Let us help you cater for the forgotten 50%

If you would like to talk to us about how to develop your events to cater for both extroverts and introverts, arrange a meeting with us.