The workplace for introverts

Hey CEOs — champion your introverts! There is quiet passion lurking in 50% of your workforce. Let’s unleash it.

We know that whilst creating physical spaces that cater for introverts is essential, there is more that can be done on a human level to cultivate the full potential of all members of your team.

It begins with understanding the needs of introverts. Research shows introverts fall into two categories: “Assertive Introverts” and “Turbulent Introverts”. In a nutshell Assertive Introvert types value their own space and time and rarely seek the approval of other people. Turbulent Introvert types need environments where there is no judgement in order to tap into their inner creativity. When organisations fail to create space that serves both those needs, introverts become reluctant to share ideas.

The good news is there are some really simple changes you can make in the workplace that give introverts what they need. At Guineapig we’re working hard to make such changes.

Just last week I had a walking meeting with our partners at Unknown Epic. We connected whilst spending time in the picturesque South Downs, and after we’d spoken for sometime I requested time alone to digest all that had come up and find what resonated. As an Assertive Introvert type I know I need that space alone to process all that I’ve learnt and establish where it fits with my purpose and vision.

We’ve also been exploring self-awareness strategies. We know that the Turbulent Introvert types in our team will thrive when everyone is aware of who they are and what their personal values are. We’re working to create a culture of self-awareness. We believe when we are all aware of our own strengths and struggles we move away from judging others.

The Guineapig Hutch is becoming a really happy place to be, where introverts and extroverts alike are included.

We can’t wait to see all organisations implement such strategies in order to create more diverse, inclusive, creative and empowered teams. If you’d like to chat to us about supporting the quietly passion ones in your team get in touch for a chat.